"Drinks with Napoléon" at Palais Vivienne

Your Keys experience

  • The combination of oenology and history creates a unique tasting experience
  • A sommelier guides you along this gustatory journey
  • The grandiose setting Palais Vivienne’s banquet halls

Suitable event venues

  • Palais Vivienne
On request, the tasting session can be tailored for other Keys locations to feature wines from various regions of France.

Treat your guests to a wine-tasting experience in a historic venue in Paris

Palais Vivienne is a historic palace in the heart of Paris’ 2nd district, with sumptuous banquet halls featuring well-preserved architecture and works of art from the Napoleonic era. In this setting, our sommelier will create an experience for your guests, blending history with an introduction to wines

Depending on your event’s format and theme, a tailor-made tasting will be devised by a specialist in the wines of our regions.

A tasting event featuring Burgundy wines in a historic palace in the centre of Paris

The sommelier will lead a tasting of Burgundy wines based on Napoleon’s favourite, the Chambertin.

Rediscover the climate of the Burgundy region, from Auxerre to Macon

Develop an appreciation for the minerality of limestone soil, the elegance of Pinot Noir’s tannins and the pastry notes of a great Chardonnay.

You can enhance your event’s olfactory experience with the ‘wine’s nose’ to identify its notes or maturing process.

We also organise blind wine tastings, combining fun and sensory pleasure. Superb bottles are carefully selected and masked. Clues given by the sommelier will help you retrace the history of the wines you are tasting.”


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