Culinary trompe-l'oeil designed by Duval Paris

Your Keys experience

  • An amazing culinary experience
  • Exemplary service combined with originality
  • Ideal for a flat, villa or banquet hall.

Suitable venues

  • All Keys locations

An event highlighting the senses and flavours, in the Keys venue of your choice.

Guests can expect moments of creativity, conviviality and pleasure from this culinary experience offered exclusively by Keys and available at all our event venues.

Keys and Duval Paris create a playful setting full of surprises for your dinners and receptions. For a seated lunch or dinner, treat your guests to a subtle sensory game focussing on tastes and appearances.

Imagine a culinary setting that will astonish everyone and leave a lasting impression.

Make your cocktail party or private dinner a memorable and surprising event

How would you like to enjoy a starter or main that looks like a dessert and a dessert that looks like a savoury dish? Duval Paris chefs will titillate your senses by creating ‘trompe-l’oeil’ dishes, making sweet look savoury and vice versa. Start with an éclair, followed by a Brioche Feuilletée (puff pastry brioche) and finish lunch or dinner with a croque-monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich)! Since the possibilities are endless and Duval Paris chefs are inspired creatives, they can offer tailor-made creations, aligned on your expectations and product seasonality.

Elegant and delicious, your guests will delight in this extraordinary and memorable gourmet experience.


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