Caterers & chefs

A range of trusted caterers and chefs at your disposal, from the timeless classic to the avant-garde, for all styles and all budgets.


Saint-Clair is famous for its diverse and unique expressive cuisine, the result of a creative, inspired and emotional process.

Grand Chemin

Grand Chemin is above all a state of mind and an avowed appreciation for good food. Their cuisine is both creative and inspired, mixing original and unexpected flavours while using fresh, local and seasonal produce.

Duval Paris

Trendy, bistro-inspired and featuring international flavours, Duval's cuisine respects the taste, origin and seasonal quality of the product, which is always beautifully presented and healthy.

Chef Raphael

Elegance, gourmet cuisine and originality are the signature of Chef Raphaël Hoefferlin and his team. The chef specialises in tailor-made, sophisticated functions.

Maison Villaret

Maison Villaret's chefs invent subtle combinations daily, combining traditional cuisine with contemporary creative flavours.


Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, Helen's original creations are a culinary travelogue. Product quality and seasonality influence and enhance the Chefs’ food and flavour combinations.

Gustatory creatives

Our contributors, artists and connoisseurs will imbue your events with panache and creativity.

Ely Cocktails

A culinary travelogue via a collection of creative and tasty cocktails, made with fresh products, containing no preservatives and respecting the principle of short food supply chains.

Sommelier Caroline Marteau

Blind tastings, food and wine pairings in collaboration with the Chef or the presentation of a wine region… our partner sommelier shares her knowledge and passion for wine and spirits with charming elegance.

Let us handle your project. Keys will help you create an event in keeping with your vision.

Our venues, caterers and facilitators team up to make your functions stylish and fantastic!


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