Château Saint-Léger, a centre of excellence and innovation


  • Modular, 12,916 ft² conservatory
  • Large Auditorium with 270 seats
  • Small Auditorium with 40 seats
  • Connected halls can accommodate between 5 and 19 people
  • Orangery with terrace (up to 310 people for cocktails)
  • 45-space car park
  • Video projection and motorised screen
  • Sound and video recording
  • Wi-Fi and fibre
  • Nearby hotels
  • Shuttle service


Conference: up to 270 people
Cocktail party: up to 310 people
Lunch/Dinner: up to 350 people
Meetings: for up to 19 people
45-space car park

Séminaires d’entreprise à Paris et en IDF dans des lieux adaptés comme Le Château St léger

Castle set in 7 hectares of lush parkland

Reception halls decorated in the style of the Belle Epoque

Large, contemporary and bright conservatory

A modern auditorium with 270 seats and state-of-the-art equipment

Lunch served privately in one of the reception halls or in the L'Orangerie restaurant
(subject to availability)

Comfortable, well-laid out venue for your seminars and meetings

Located 30 minutes from Paris in the heart of an innovative corporate and research university, Château Saint-Léger in Saint-Germain en Laye is exceptional, both in terms of its architectural beauty and the layout of its event spaces.

This French centre of excellence has been recognised as a Grands Lieux d’Innovation (an innovation hub) and brings together ambitious start-ups, international researchers and industrial companies in an enchanting setting.

This fantastic 19th century bourgeois mansion is available for exclusive hire from Keys Venue. Its incredible underground conservatory reveals a contemporary conference centre of over 17,222 ft².

An extraordinary conference venue in the heart of a 7-hectare centre of excellence

This lush 7-hectare estate lends itself to innovative ideas and the realisation of dreams and is the ideal setting in which to host exceptional corporate events.

Ideally located just 30 minutes west of Paris, Château Saint-Léger is easily accessible, with a 45-space car park, local accommodation and a private chauffeur service.

You can easily extend your stay for a team-building weekend, a residential seminar week, a haute couture show and photo shoot, an international study day, or any other exclusive event of your choice.


Château Saint-Léger
34 Rue de la Croix de Fer,
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

Car Park

50 complementary parking spaces
Electric recharging stations


30 minutes from Paris on the A14 motorway 
Exit Saint-Germain-en-Laye 
RER Train Line A – Saint-Germain-en-Laye Station
Orly airport – 30 minutes away 
Charles de Gaulle airport – 40 minutes away

A restaurant and a sports complex at your disposal

Attention to comfort is evident within this university and technology campus. From breakfast to dinner, the L’Orangerie Restaurant and the best local caterers do their utmost to tantalise your taste buds.

Le Tremplin sports complex is also at the disposal of athletes and team sports enthusiasts (available for privatization, outside operating hours). Here you can burn off a few extra calories, push yourself to the limit, or simply relax with teammates and enjoy a fun sporting activity.


Château Saint-Léger’s spaces

Like a swan on a glass lake, Château Saint-Léger seems to float on air. An architectural masterpiece designed by Léon Carle in 1886, this marvellous bourgeois-style building was renovated to become a sumptuous business centre for innovative companies. The original pond was replaced by an immense subterranean conservatory featuring two auditoriums and a large reception area.

Château Saint-Léger is now a contemporary conference centre of over 17,222 ft². It is strategic, connected and one of the most confidential hubs of French and international innovation. Its fully equipped, functional spaces are suited to hosting corporate and scientific events of the future.

The hallway and the hall of pillars

To gain entry to Château Saint-Léger, your guests will have to cross a bridge suspended above the conservatory… a sign of the extraordinary experience that awaits.

Entering the sublime hallway is like stepping into a fairy tale. There is a flamboyant hall of pillars featuring large mirrors that face each other. Private reception halls are located on the ground floor, while a majestic stone staircase descends to the conservatory and its underground auditoriums.

This first floor is a small reception area in itself. It can accommodate 50 people for cocktails, a break between two meetings or conferences, per your schedule.

Meeting rooms

On the ground floor, 2 private rooms feature a Belle Époque-inspired decor. Reserved for meetings, these elegant, intimate spaces are fully equipped for small groups, and face-to-face or video-conference meetings, with a respective capacity of up to 14 people seated.

Château Saint-Léger’s meeting rooms feature solid wooden floors, delicate mouldings on the ceiling, and large French windows that open onto the shimmering lights of the park after dark. They are small havens of peace offering the best conditions possible in which to work, consult, train and hold meetings.

Château Saint- Léger’s Conservatory

The conservatory is an incredible, perfectly round, immense pool of light. This modular event space can be set up to suit any requirements. From sunrise to sunset, the high glass ceiling offers a surprising, crisscrossed, low-angled view of the castle, trees and the sky, allowing a different view of the world.

With its minimalist contemporary architecture, this large, curved edifice evokes the moat of a mediaeval castle and its secret passages. Château Saint-Léger’s Conservatory highlights the building’s foundations and seemingly announces that your participants and speakers will have their own fundamental experience. This large reception/meeting space envelops you in a giant air bubble, a breath of oxygen, seemingly defying gravity and elevating the experience to a rare timeless moment of lightness.

The Large Auditorium

This superb contemporary amphitheatre seats 270 and is fully equipped to host a large-scale, state-of-the-art corporate event.

The structure is a veritable connected studio, equipped for projection, sound, internet service and filming, be it to host a prestigious conference or livestream a high-level, world-wide webinar.

As required, the upper panels of the large auditorium can be opened to let in daylight or closed to obscure it for a video presentation on its large cinema screen.

The Small Auditorium

Suitable for training sessions, high-level workshops or mini conferences, the small auditorium seats 40 people for a more intimate and participative business format.

Keys and its network of specialist service providers will assist you with the logistics, technical and culinary elements of your event to ensure that it is a resounding success.

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