Artistic and immersive projections for an extra-large set design

Your Keys experience

  • An immersive experience ideal for cocktails or dinners for up to 50 people
  • Fusion of artistic and technical elements
  • Life-size set design

Suitable venues

  • All Keys locations

Create your immersive event combining art, culture and fantasy!

Keys and artist Samantha Ornon offer you an intense emotional experience by creating a fantastical ambiance at the location of your choice.

The artist, known for her many exhibitions and collaborations, plunges you into a fantasy world, revealing her art in a spellbinding experience.

This immersive experience is ideal for an original and creative setting, suitable for use in various locations, from a contemporary loft to a historic palace.

This will add a spectacular dimension to your cocktail parties and dinners, combining art, technology and light shows.

Similar to the immersive projections of great artists recently seen in Paris, this contemporary artist’s unique projections are inspired by nature, architecture and history. The unforgettable set design will plunge your guests into an imaginary world, for a few minutes… or hours.

Her works are projected in spectacular dimensions, offering an impressive density of colours and shadows.

To really give your event a personal touch and create a lasting souvenir, the artist can, on request, photograph and project portraits of some of your guests.


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